Energy World September 2019

Is there a more dynamic new industry in the UK than offshore wind? This and marine energy are covered in the first theme of this issue, starting with a viewpoint article that looks to a future in which hydrogen production may be added to offshore wind generation.

From page 14, the feature continues with a piece describing how robotics and AI are emerging as tools to cut operational costs offshore. Two articles on marine energy examine the evolving economic case for tidal power schemes in the UK, and describe imaginative marine projects being developed across the world. Last, could some old oil and gas platforms find a new life as bases for offshore renewables projects?

Moving to the demand side, we have two articles from page 28 on energy efficiency in the industrial sector, starting with stories from the UK government’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator programme. A second article looks at the international picture.

The issue also includes an interview with the new EI President, Steve Holliday FEI, and the last in the series of pieces from EI Young Professionals Networks.

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