Energy World July/August 2019

Electricity transmission and distribution systems used to be relatively simple. Not any more – now that huge numbers of new, often small, generators are connected at both high and low voltage networks and power flows can be in both directions. We include three articles on the subject – two on the technologies used to control modern networks and one on efforts to harmonise grids across national boundaries in Europe – see page 14 onwards.

Our second theme is energy purchasing and management. We have articles on the use of on-site electricity storage as part of a purchasing strategy; how to manage risk and complexity; and the role of international standards.

Between the main features, Jennifer Johnson takes a second look at the feasibility of the UK going ‘net zero’ by 2050. We also include two articles from the EI itself: details of the views of energy professionals contained in this year’s Energy Barometer, plus the latest in the series of pieces from EI Young Professionals Networks; this time Ireland.

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