Energy World June 2019

Aviation, urban transport, shipping, electric vehicles – we focus this month on the changes being made to energy in transport. Starting with an article on early moves by the world’s airlines to find and trial some greener fuels, we also cover similar changes being made by the maritime industry – two sectors with much work to do. 

The feature also includes articles on the growth of fuel cell electric buses in the cities of Europe, as well as the development of a network of charging points for electric vehicles in the UK. 

The issue then shifts to the world of research and development – covering the work of three new ‘Supergen Energy Hubs’ based at UK universities and of the Midlands-based Energy Research Accelerator. 

We also include news on the development of radioisotope power and zero-emission engines. What about the EU’s enormous Horizon Europe R&D funding programme, of which Britain has been the second largest recipient? Ah yes, Brexit could have something to say about this – see page 30. 

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