Task force to draw roadmap towards Vision 2035

A task force of senior industry figures has been formed to help develop a roadmap of what needs to be done and by when to deliver ‘Vision 2035’ for the UK oil and gas sector. The plan is to pull together specific and measurable deliverables under the key areas of skills, technology, exports, diversification and culture.

OGUK Chief Executive and Task Force Chair Deirdre Michie says: ‘There has never been a more important moment for us all to come together to collectively consider what our future could or should look like. Later this year we’ll publish a roadmap which will signpost how we can continue to meet as much of the UK’s oil and gas demand from home-produced resources, expand supply chain opportunities at home, abroad and in other sectors, while supporting and accelerating transition towards a lower carbon future.’

The plan will follow one of the biggest ever engagement campaigns in the sector. The ‘Our Vision. Our Future’ campaign will engage people across the industry in a shared understanding of Vision 2035 and how they can innovate and collaborate to make it a reality. By signing up to the campaign, organisations and individuals will be joining a conversation about what needs to be done in the industry and then commit to playing their part in making it happen. 

The task force members will be collectively responsible for developing the road map, tracking its progress and making any interventions to challenge progress. Each member will have an action plan for their area of focus that will feed into the overall plan.

David Rennie, Head of Oil and Gas at Scottish Enterprise, comments: ‘Delivery of Vision 2035 will make sure that in the next 15 years we will still support fulfilling jobs and prosperity for our supply chain, our people and our country. There is a potential £920bn to be won, but the greater prize will be providing secure, affordable energy, as part of a lower carbon economy. By engaging in this campaign, we aim to inspire people, to spark ideas and ignite the passion to drive change and come up with the solutions required.’

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