Petroleum Review May 2019

The Caspian is the focus of this month’s regional overview, which looks at progress towards the next high-profile final investment decisions, potential country exits and frontier investment opportunities. 

We also assess strategic policy reform in Uzbekistan, which aims to attract foreign investment in the country’s oil and gas sector. This issue also shines a spotlight on global oil and gas production from the top 25 publicly quoted companies in 2018, highlighting record production by some, and declines by others. 

New innovations in the subsea sector are reviewed, as well as developments in carbon capture and storage in Norway, and multiphase flow measurement. 

We also look at how the BRICS countries of Brazil, India and South Africa are tackling greenhouse gas emissions reduction and moving toward better sustainability; while the EI’s Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, takes a closer look at energy and the circular economy and the role that resource efficiency must play in the drive to decarbonisation. 

New fuels are also on the agenda this month, as we look at the potential of methanol as a new maritime transport fuel.

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