Petroleum Review March 2019

This month we focus on the Middle East – an area at the crossroads energy-wise, seeking to diversify in terms of fossil fuel developments and renewables. There is also encouraging news on the reconstruction front in Syria and Yemen, both having been dogged by conflict. Meanwhile, Bahrain is weighing up the pros and cons of a unique offshore shale prospect. And we examine the re-imposition of Iran sanctions. 

Professor Michael Bradshaw of Warwick Business School does some crystal ball gazing, and argues that the US shale revolution, climate change and potential peak oil demand augurs a new energy order.

EI President Malcolm Brinded considers the challenges facing the fuel-poor in growing urban centres, and identifies big opportunities for UK energy research initiatives to tackle climate change. Energy security is also a theme of our global geopolitical round-up. 

Finally, we look at the seismic market and technology trends.

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