Petroleum Review February 2019

Our first issue for 2019 begins with an outline of some of the big themes that will shape the international oil and gas sector over the course of the next 12 months. These include the global transition to a low carbon future, which is gathering pace and is forecast by Wood Mackenzie to reach a convergence point between fossil fuels and renewables by 2035.

We also consider how gas production using surplus renewable electricity can help meet decarbonisation targets.

Meanwhile, a new report from the Energy Transitions Commission aims to encourage accelerated change towards net-zero emissions by 2050 in harder-to-abate industry sectors, like cement, steel, chemicals and heavy-duty transport.

Moving to innovation, we look at the future role of predictive analytics in the age of artificial intelligence and Big Data, and review a range of new technological innovations, including ready-to-wear IT, which is the focus of this month’s online article. The magazine also assesses how the oil and gas sector can manage information and operational technology security risks in a digital world. 

Issue details

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