Energy World February 2019

Renewable energy has a solidly mainstream place in the global energy system these days, and we include six articles in this issue. First, on targets, a story of California’s plans to move to 100% renewables by 2045; second, on subsidies, a discussion of whether – and how and when – renewables in Europe might achieve post-support status.

Third, we look at increasingly sophisticated control strategies for wind turbines and whole wind farms; fourth, we move to heat pumps and their role in decarbonising heating in the UK. Two more articles cover efforts to improve the efficiency of waste-to-energy schemes, and a couple of shorter pieces on peer-to-peer investment and roof-mounted solar power.

The second theme is finance. Two articles – first on the movement to end investment in coal projects; second on whether enough investment is being made to give access to energy to the world’s poorest people.

Also, in the first of two articles, EI President Malcolm Brinded gives a personal view of energy challenges met during his career. The usual UK and international news pages, plus opinion articles, complete the issue. 

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