New CPD requirements for Chartered Engineers

The benefits of becoming professionally registered were recently demonstrated in a salary survey undertaken by The Engineer, which found engineers working in the energy sector in the UK receive on average around £8,000 a year more if they are professionally registered.

Employers pay more because they value the proven commitment, skills and experience. However, being chartered comes with a responsibility to maintain your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)– and the requirements are changing.

New regulations from the Engineering Council come into force this month, meaning that those holding the titles CEng, IEng or EngTech must keep records of their CPD – and submit them if requested. From 2020, if you are not able to supply a record, your registration could be at risk.

EI Head of Professional Affairs Sue Beard said: ‘CPD is at the heart of what being a professional is all about. The EI already asks a sample of its members to submit their records each year and CPD has always been a requirement under the EI Code of Conduct and for entry to professional membership.’

‘The main message is that, whatever titles you hold, it’s important to keep good records.’

Not sure what you should be recording?

There is a simple CPD template and a range of guidance on the CPD section on the website at

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