The treatment of electricity storage within the planning system: consultation

"The Progress Update to the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, published in October 2018, stated that we would consult on the treatment of electricity storage within the planning system.

This consultation considers and seeks views on the following proposals:

  • to retain the 50MW Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) threshold that applies to standalone storage projects
  • to amend the Planning Act 2008 to establish a new NSIP capacity threshold for composite projects including storage and another form of generation, such that a composite project would only fall under the NSIP regime where either the capacity of the storage element is more than 50MW or the capacity excluding any electricity storage is more than 50MW
The proposals outlined in this consultation are intended to apply to England only."

Consultation opened: 14 January 2019

Consultation closed: 15 March 2019

Outcome published 15 October 2019

Policy milestone details

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