Eni and Hera partner for the circular economy

Eni and Hera have signed a partnership under which used vegetable oil collected by Hera will be converted into biofuel at Eni’s biorefinery in Venice, Italy. The green diesel will then be used to fuel Hera’s waste collection vehicles.

The deal extends an already thriving virtuous circle that Eni has established with multi-utility companies in Turin, Venice and Rome. Compared to conventional diesel, Enidiesel+ features a renewable component that is claimed to reduce polluting emissions by up to 40%, consumption by about 4% and engine maintenance costs.

To further support the initiative, Hera is to increase the roadside collection of vegetable oil by introducing 300 new dedicated containers in the areas in which it operates. In 2017 alone, 800 tonnes of waste vegetable oil were collected, recovered and processed for use either as lubricants or energy.

Eni reports that more than 50% of the cooking oil collected in Italy is now converted into biofuel at its Venice biorefinery. The company’s Gela refinery is  currently being converted into a bio-facility.

‘An economic model is truly circular if it addresses the entire life cycle of resources, with genuine partnerships among the businesses involved and residents. It goes beyond merely managing the final stage of collecting waste that perhaps has been delivered to third parties,’ explains Stefano Venier, Chief Executive Officer of the Hera Group. ‘Our agreement with Eni… has identified a new way in which we can use waste resources to contribute to decarbonisation and energy efficiency. Waste oil that becomes advanced biofuel with a reduced carbon footprint and is reused for waste collection is a perfect example of the circular economy.’

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