Energy World December 2018

Two main features this month – from renewables back to fossil fuels. We start with a look at the development of solar power in Africa, followed by an account of how Europe’s Nordic countries are leading the way to a sustainable future. Then to Wales – our authors take a look at opportunities for small-scale hydropower plants and the role for bioenergy in the principality. Last, a solar operation and maintenance company makes the case for getting the operation phase of solar power right. 

Our fossils feature starts with a piece on efforts by the oil and gas industry to reduce its emissions both methane and carbon dioxide. We also include two articles on shale gas – an account of experience gained the US and a piece that concentrates on public attitudes to fracking in the UK. A second article from the UK considers the security of gas supplies.

Unusually, this issue includes three articles from the EI itself, presenting the winners of this year’s EI Awards and describing aspects of the EI’s international identity. Finally, in his last ‘last look’ column, Deputy Editor Marc Height looks back over his decade with the magazine.

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