Increasing Kurdistan gas production

Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum have increased production capacity at the Khor Mor field, which the companies jointly operate on behalf of Pearl Petroleum. The 30% increase in production at the field, part of the Kurdistan Gas Project, will deliver much-needed gas to fuel power plants in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and marks a major milestone as the companies commemorate 10 years of continuous production in the region.

The expansion at the Khor Mor gas processing plant involved a series of plant additions and modifications to de-bottleneck throughput, raising output capacity from 305mn cf/d of natural gas to 400mn cf/d, with over 15,000 b/d of condensate. The plant, which began operating in 2008, supplies natural gas from the Khor Mor field by pipeline to power plants in the towns of Chemchemal and Erbil, and will soon supply a new plant in Bazian. The Khor Mor plant also produces LPG and natural gas liquids (NGLs), which are sold and trucked to local markets. 

Total investment in the Kurdistan Gas Project to date exceeds $1.4bn, with total cumulative production over 250mn boe. Further investment of over 600mn is planned, to expand production to 900mn cf/d over the coming three years, together with associated liquids.


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