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In an effort to encourage more girls to consider a career in the energy sector, the EI has teamed up with the WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Campaign and the REA (Renewable Energy Association) to create a new resource pack for schools. 

‘People Like Me’ takes a revolutionary approach that uses girls’ natural tendency to create and articulate their self-identity with adjectives to help them see themselves working happily and successfully in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM).

It is filled with top tips to support teachers and STEM ambassadors with advising pupils on identifying their strengths and applying them to STEM careers, as well as useful tools such as lesson plans, a quiz, a poster and a glossary to help girls choose the adjectives that best describe them.

By equipping teachers and STEM ambassadors with the necessary materials it aims to show girls aged 11-14 from a diverse range of backgrounds that by studying at least one STEM subject post-16 they are more likely to have better career prospects and a greater career choice.

EI Chief Executive Louise Kingham said: ‘I’ve been working in energy for more than two decades and can honestly say that nothing ever stands still, and a sense of challenge and excitement is always in the air.’

‘Women have an undeniable right to play an equal part in this exciting sector and they have great talent to bring to bear, as the shape of the energy industry transforms to meet society’s needs.’

Download the ‘People Like Me’ resource pack at: 

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