Petroleum Review, Vol 45 No 528, January 1991


5  Dr Harold Hughes, Director General UKOOA, gives the offshore industry's response to Lord Cullen’s recommendations
9  Michael Ferrow of Conoco elaborates on ‘formal safety assessments 
12  Environment - Robert Horton, Chairman of BP plc, tells an IP Luncheon audience that it is not easy being green 
16  Soviet Union - Dr A A Konoplyanik analyses the effects of the Middle East crisis on the Soviet energy industry 
20  Road Transport - A conference report on ways of improving safety in road transport 
22  Mr A Mikkelson details developments in on-truck computers
24  Conference Report from Nurses Symposium
26  Forthcoming events 
28  Yemen - One of the world’s newer oil producers by Judith Gurney
31  The Information for Energy Group Conference
32  Brazil - Pioneers in deep-water technology
35  Reason for mysterious road tanker accident
36  Sulphur - The economics of sulphur in heavy fuel oil by Trevor Morgan 
39  Standardization News
40  The rise and fall of bunker prices
42  Measurement - Direct gauging of liquid mass in storage tanks by Milos J Machacek. Foxboro GB Ltd 

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