Louise Kingham – EI’s ‘ethos of collaboration’ is key to reducing risk in energy

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An international audience of grant holders, academia, industry and members of the public heard EI Chief Executive Louise Kingham OBE FEI speak about the EI’s role in promoting safety globally across the energy sector at the Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s International Conference in May.

Speaking at the conference in London, Louise explained the EI’s ‘unique position as a professional membership body, learned society and developer of globally used technical guidance covering the whole energy system’ and its ‘role as an honest broker between industry, regulators and wider stakeholders’.

‘The basis of our ethos is collaboration’, she said, ‘We build consensus among our community. We are driven by our members in a way that ensures what we do really matters and is important.’

The event showcased the work of the Lloyd’s Register Foundationm which spans four strategic themes – promoting safety and public understanding, advancement of skills and education, supporting, excellent scientific research and accelerating the application of research.

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