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Petroleum Review May 2017

This month’s Petroleum Review looks at the challenges for oil and gas in the Caspian and Central Asia. Apparently, there is a ‘wind of change’ which could attract foreign investors. Work also continues apace on major projects like the Southern Gas Corridor which will initially carry gas from Azerbaijan to Turkey, and later to Europe.

The European Union’s ambitious ‘Energy Union’ reforms for renewable energy, energy efficiency and design of the electricity market are analysed, but could raise issues for the UK at Brexit time. Moreover, a legal firm suggests Brexit may be a challenge for UK North Sea operators just when there are signs of confidence returning to the sector.

The Energy Institute is playing a pivotal role in energy-related regulatory discussions around Brexit. The latest EI Energy Barometer (due to be published in June) means you will have a finger on the pulse about important energy themes from climate change policy to investment.

We also examine the highs and lows of global oil and gas production in our annual round-up of the leading quoted companies.

On the technology front, we see that subsea technology innovation is thriving; and metering performance improving. We report how wind power and offshore wind initiatives in particular are gaining momentum in Europe. However, the biofuels business is under threat from proposed regulatory changes.

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