US power station to trial fuel cell carbon capture technology

A 2.7 GW mixed-use coal and gas-fired power plant in the US has been selected to host pilot plant tests for innovative fuel cell carbon capture technology. The James M Barry Electric Generating Station, operated by Southern Company in Alabama, will test carbon capture technology that uses carbonate fuel cells to concentrate and capture the carbon dioxide streams from power plants. 

FuelCell Energy and oil and gas company ExxonMobil signed an agreement to demonstrate carbon capture technology from natural gas-fired power generation in May 2016.

The pilot plant will use FuelCell Energy’s ‘DFC3000’ carbonate fuel cell power system to concentrate and capture a portion of the carbon dioxide emissions from the power plant as part of the fuel cells’ power generation process.

Flue gas from the power plant will be directed into the fuel cells’ air intake system, where it will be combined with natural gas. The fuel cells concentrate and capture carbon dioxide and will also eliminate around 70% of smog producing nitrogen oxide from coal. Following capture, carbon dioxide will be compressed and cooled, says FuelCell Energy. 

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