Petroleum Review April 2016

This month’s issue begins with an overview of Africa’s oil and gas sector, where low oil prices are creating ‘winners’ made up of net oil importing countries and ‘losers’ in net oil exporting countries. We also take a closer look at Libya’s descent into a failed state and assess opportunites in Kenya going forwards. It is also suggested that Africa has the opportunity to lead the way in embracing new ways of thinking in order to survive turbulent times.

We provide an update on new technologies targeting unconventional resources and global prospects for development. Meanwhile, Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan presents his views on shale gas development in the UK, outlining the potential rewards and the challenges that remain to be overcome.

Our lubricants and additives feature discusses measures being taken to drive reductions in diesel emissions while delivering efficiency and performance gains, and highlights some of the next generation lubricant technologies that are currently under development.

Innovation is key to building skills in the oil and gas sector. We look at the new approaches to training that are being taken onboard by trainers and educational centres of excellence, including high-tech simulation, virtual reality and gamification. We also provide advice for tomorrow’s energy leaders on how best to develop their careers while navigating a frequently volatile industry.

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