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Workshop: Heat Networks & Governance Issues

This event will take place on the afternoon/evening of April 11 & the morning of April 12, 2016.  Aimed largely at leading-edge local authorities working on heat network issues, the workshop will provide the opportunity to exchange best practice in the current budget/policy environment and provide input into national heat network priorities around the 300 million GBP capital expenditure announced in the Government's Budget.

Keynotes and panel sessions with experts from government, industry and academia are being designed around the following topics:

  • role of local action in national and international efforts to decarbonize heat
  • relevant lessons from international experience with heat networks
  • the evolving landscape: stakeholders, benefits and latest developments
  • commericial viability and UK heat networks?
  • outcomes of early stage funding and business models for delivery or how to get heat networks funded and retain the multiple benefits communities are seeking
  • filling the gaps: capacity and resource needs and next steps, including the identification of responsibilities and problem owners

Attendees of this event will have an unprecedented opportunity to examine the current state-of-play in the UK and influence future developments for heat networks.  Expert practitioners will be taking a hard look at UK prospects in an international context with comparitive lessons from Germany, the Netherlands and further afield and there will be ample time for discussion and networking both in and out of the sessions.  DECC is co-sponsoring this event and a breakfast session on the 12th will be dedicated to actively seeking input and feedback on plans for the £300 million in heat network capital expenditures announced in the Budget.

This workshop is invitation-only, if you are interested in attending and work on heat networks at the local level, please contact Amber Sharick.

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