Free entry for all visitors


First Floor, Energy Institute, 61 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7AR

Opening times

9.15am - 5.00pm (UK time), Monday to Friday, except bank holidays

Photocopying in the Library (prices inclusive of VAT)

Up to 10 A4 copies 25p each 
11 – 50 A4 copies 20p each 
Over 50 A4 copies 18p each

Colour copies 
5p for each sheet in addition to above charges

Photocopying service carried out by EI staff (includes e-mail or UK delivery via post)

Members - Minimum Charge (20 copies or less) £10+ VAT – extra pages 50p
Non Members - Minimum Charge (20 copies or less) £20+ VAT – extra pages £1
Plus any applicable commercial copyright fees

Photocopying service carried out by EI staff (for overseas delivery)

As above plus postage (£5 if paying in advance).


EI Members - We ask that you refund the cost of postage. Loans are free if you collect the items.

To arrange a postal loan just e-mail giving your name, your EI membership number and the book title.

You may borrow up to four items at a time for up to four weeks. You may renew an item if no-one else wants to borrow it.

Interlibrary loans – Loans of light items (i.e. costing less than £1 to send first class) - £5 Loans of heavier items - £10 (if an item is very heavy we will inform you of the charge before we send it)

Staff Research

Quick research (5-10 minutes) - FREE

We will give an estimate, and/or work to an agreed budget

Photocopy declaration forms.

Before we can supply a photocopy you must complete and sign a photocopy declaration form and either fax or send it to us (for legal purposes we need your signature):

All charges include VAT unless otherwise stated, and are subject to change without notice