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About Energy Essentials

Produced and published by the Energy Institute (EI), the Energy Essentials series aims to explain energy topics in an accurate, concise and accessible format. The guides are intended to promote greater understanding of energy, and are suitable for students, professionals whose work crosses over into the energy sector, or anyone with an interest in energy.

Energy Essentials guides are designed to provide foundation-level understanding with a scientific basis. The information, tailored for non experts, is presented in a format intended to be accessible, neutral and based on sound science. The development of this guide has involved an extensive review and analysis of relevant literature. The document has been through a robust peer review process, with contributions from over 30 subject specialists, including professionally qualified Fellows and Members of the EI, with a broad range of backgrounds and experience.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of energy technologies and markets, all data and information is current as of the date of publishing (10th June 2020). For more information, visit the Energy Institute Knowledge Service, or get in contact using

Energy Essentials: A Guide to Hydrogen was written by Daniel de Wijze and produced by Daniel de Wijze, Sarah George, Esin Serin and Deane Somerville. Additional support from Catherine Cosgrove and Ian Moore. Webpage development by Javier Lopez. All artwork by Matthew Perdoni.

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About the Energy Institute

The Energy Institute is the professional membership body bringing global energy expertise together. We gather and share essential knowledge about energy, the skills that are helping us use it more wisely, and the good practice that keeps it safe and secure. We articulate the voice of energy experts, taking the know-how of around 20,000 members from 120 countries to the heart of the public debate. And we’re an independent, not-for-profit, safe space for evidence-based collaboration, an honest broker between industry, academia and policy makers.


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