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Shining a Spotlight on Energy People: Lam Ka Ho (Polex) MEI CEM CEnv


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Lam Ka Ho (Polex) in high-vis jacket standing to right foreground of photo with port cranes and piles of coal in background Photo: Lam Ka Ho (Polex)
Lam Ka Ho (Polex) at a coal port

Photo: Lam Ka Ho (Polex)

The transition to net zero cannot just happen in the west; it must take place around the world. One prominent member and strong supporter of the Energy Institute in Hong Kong is Lam Ka Ho (Polex), Managing Director of Lianhe Green Development.

Q: Tell us your background and when you first became interested in energy?
A: Raised in Hong Kong, my interest in energy grew when I realised how it fuels economic growth. I drew inspiration from computer games such as ‘Age of Empires’, in which energy and resources play a crucial role in developing technology, civilisation, armies and the overall economy. The game requires players to explore and utilise resources strategically to gain an advantage over opponents and achieve victory.


My career took a significant turn when I contributed to the Intelligence Eco Kitchen project, which entailed developing a system to monitor and automatically adjust energy usage and environmental conditions for optimal efficiency. Griddle, wok range, cooking range and steam cabinet temperatures, humidity and noise were all monitored wirelessly through a module incorporating a meter, sensor, switch, wireless transmitter and receiver. The system was to help save 50% energy and cost from traditional gas equipment and operation.


Q: How did you start to get interested in sustainability?
A: When working in utilities to develop new clean energy projects, my responsibilities took me to various locations in China. I had to venture deep underground, nearly 1,000 metres beneath the surface, to coal mines. I also visited oil fields and cutter oil-to-diesel plants in Inner Mongolia, GanSu, Dongbei, Sichuan, Shandong and Ningxia provinces. Throughout my journeys, I had the privilege of witnessing the breathtaking beauty of grasslands, villages, rivers and diverse wildlife. These experiences had a profound impact on me, highlighting the importance of protecting biodiversity and the environment.


These encounters served as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness between our energy choices, environmental well-being and the preservation of our planet. It instilled in me a determination to contribute to the development of cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, reducing our impact on the environment while meeting the energy demands of the future.


Q: Tell us a little about your current job and industry?
A: In my current role as the Managing Director at Lianhe Green Development Company, I oversee the strategic direction and execution of services in green finance, climate change consulting and carbon audits.


Furthermore, I contribute to the future of our industry as a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Metropolitan University, teaching courses in sustainability and environmental protection. By sharing my professional knowledge and practical experience with students, I aim to ignite a passion for sustainable development in the next generation.


It is truly uplifting to see the younger generation actively engaging with sustainability and embracing the potential of achieving a net zero future.


Q: How has being Chartered and MEI benefited you in your career?
A: I obtained the Chartered Energy Manager certification from the Energy Institute in 2018, and the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) accreditation in 2021. Obtaining Chartered status has given me professional recognition and credibility in my field, demonstrating that I meet the required standards and competencies. This has enhanced my reputation and opened doors to new opportunities.


Since 2020, I have been a committee member of the Energy Institute’s Hong Kong branch, and currently serve as the Honorary Treasurer. During this time, I have helped organise activities such as technical visits, seminars and training courses. One of the highlights was the certified carbon auditor course. Another notable event was the technical visit to CLP Daya Bay nuclear power plant, where I witnessed firsthand the operations and safety measures implemented in a nuclear power plant.


Participating in branch activities has provided me with the chance to connect with professionals from around the world. These connections have expanded my professional network and provided valuable mentorship and guidance, which is crucial for my career growth.


Recently, I have also served as an assessor and interviewer for Chartership members from around the world.


Based on my experience, I would highly recommend volunteering on the branch committee to other members. It offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, expanding knowledge, networking, and making a meaningful impact in the energy sector and the community at large.


Q: Any challenges/opportunities?
A: Achieving a just transition to net zero comes with challenges. The landscape is complex and constantly evolving, with policies, technologies and market dynamics rapidly changing. Staying informed and up-to-date is essential for effectively guiding clients and making informed decisions.


Despite these challenges, I firmly believe that achieving net zero is possible.


Having worked in the sustainability and energy sector for over 16 years, I have observed significant progress and growing awareness of sustainability and the concept of achieving net zero in China and the wider region. I have witnessed remarkable advancements in technology, green finance, awareness campaigns and educational initiatives.


For example, while working at HK Electric, I was fortunate to drive one of the first electric cars in Hong Kong in 2011. Fast forward to today, and it’s inspiring to see how the streets have changed.


Also, as an educator, I have noticed a positive change in the mindset of students. When my students from HKMU present their final projects, I am consistently impressed by their brilliant ideas and commitment to striving for net zero. It is truly uplifting to see the younger generation actively engaging with sustainability and embracing the potential of achieving a net zero future.


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