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Will we see the forces of decarbonisation accelerate or decelerate in 2023? Industry experts express a range of opinions

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Time to polish that crystal ball again. If there’s one thing that’s predictable, it’s the likelihood that some of the predictions for 2023 will prove contentious in hindsight. Nevertheless, we press on with some perceptive and sometimes provocative forecasts by industry experts on the rapidly changing energy transition – invited for comment by New Energy World Features Editor Brian Davis.

Bumpy road to energy transition in 2023 
Scaling up clean energy infrastructure while scaling down hydrocarbon production was always going to be a tricky balancing act. Energy transitions take decades and this one will need to happen faster if we are to keep the 1.5°C pathway alive, writes Adrian del Maestro, Director of Research and Thought Leadership in Energy at Strategy&, PWC.


External factors such as geopolitical events add complexity. The Ukraine conflict has elevated the importance of energy security, as countries in Europe import more LNG and bring coal-powered generation (often controversially) online to ‘keep the lights on’.


So, will we see the forces of decarbonisation accelerate or decelerate in 2023? And what are the likely bumps in the road?


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