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Renewable energy offers steel sector a way to decarbonise


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Orange sparks flying out from an electric arc furnace Photo: M J Richardson
Electric arc furnace in Rotherham, UK

Photo: M J Richardson

Companies from around the world are exploring renewable energy and recycling to decarbonise steel production. As a fundamental component of a broad range of renewable technologies, Stephenie Overman examines how the circular economy this is creating is beneficial for both businesses and the environment.

The international steel sector is working to reduce its climate change impact through closer links to the renewable energy sector, along with steel making innovation and more recycling. The industry is responsible for between 7% and 9% of human-generated CO2, according to the World Steel Institute.


But integration with the renewable energy industry is boosting steel’s sustainability profile. A good example is how green energy is bringing steel production back to Sparrow’s Point, in Baltimore, Maryland, US, the former home of historic Bethlehem Steel, which was founded as the Saucona Iron Company in 1857.


Steel production in Maryland

Bethlehem Steel was once the world’s largest producer of steel and its Sparrow’s Point mill was a major producer of steel for assembling ships during the First and Second World Wars. However, in 2002, Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt and the steel mill at Sparrow’s Point closed permanently in 2012 after its new owner, RG Steel, also filed for bankruptcy. 

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