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  • This issue of the magazine takes a long hard look at coal as a fuel for power generation, starting with analysis by consultants Pöyry of the conundrum that the use of coal worldwide is growing at the same time that world governments are pledging to reduce carbon emissions. Is carbon capture and stor...

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  • This month’s issue starts with a focus on Africa, looking at political changes in Angola, where it seems the new president is aiming to foster continuity rather than real energy policy reform. Significant developments in fracking technology, horizontal drilling and enhanced oil recovery have opened ...

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  • Renewables and fossil fuels are the main, and contrasting, feature themes in this month's issue. The former kicks off with a piece describing the development of a programme for new renewables-based power stations in South Africa. From there we move to Ethiopia and the e...

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  • In US, a 'BattleJacket' protective multilayer lining acting as a self-sealing skin has been devised jointly by Rhino Linings and High Input Technologies to reduce the threat of explosions following bullet penetration of tanks, pipelines and fuel storage facilities.

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  • Jeremy Sachs, the economist, has given a speech stating that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology and nuclear energy will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. China will rely on coal for many years to come, meaning that CCS technology will need to be developed.

  • Nuclear Technologies is a leading supplier of scientific and engineering consultancy services mainly to the UK specialising in: Criticality and Shielding Assessment Radioactive Materials Transport, Packaging and Storage AssessmentRadioactive Waste ManagmentEnvironmnetal ManagementNuclear Decomm...

  • In US, discussion continues between Pratt & Whitney and Boeing on a‘national propulsion company’ aimed at future exploration of deep space. However, this plan is considered controversial by organisations such as the Air Force and Lockheed Martin on the basis that it stifles competition by putting al...

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  • Support for renewable energy technology to fight global warming is weakening in the face of worldwide economic problems and the true scale of the carbon reductions required, a survey of 'climate decision makers'published today by Globescan has suggested. Figures presented at the UN climate talks in ...

  • A 2.7 GW mixed-use coal and gas-fired power plant in the US has been selected to host pilot plant tests for innovative fuel cell carbon capture technology. The James M Barry Electric Generating Station, operated by Southern Company in Alabama, will test carbon capture technology that uses carbonate ...

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  • Fossil fuels will still be generating most global electricity at the end of this century with new technology pumping carbon emissions underground while the cost of a clean coal power stations was likely to be the same as nuclear or renewable energy but more publicly acceptable. Britain has launched ...

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