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  • The main theme of this issue is electricity. Feature articles cover the overhaul of both the power market and generation infraestructure in the UK, the emergence of electricity storage technologies world-wide, and the prospects for new generation technologies across the countries of the Middle East ...

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  • Wind and solar power present two major problems to electricity grid operators - intermittent operation and an inability to be dispatched. That's where energy storage technologies may come in. Nicholas Newman reviews the technologies.

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  • This report sets out the UK Government's response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's report on The Resilience of the Electricity System. Topics described include:-the electricity market, including the Capacity Market and Reliability Standard-security of supply-electricity inter...

  • This issue is themed around two subject areas, starting with a series of articles on developments in power distribution, managements and use from page 14 onwards. We look at local 'virtual' power stations based on CHP schemes; technology to store energy at strategic points in electricity grids; the ...

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  • Jeremy Sachs, the economist, has given a speech stating that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology and nuclear energy will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. China will rely on coal for many years to come, meaning that CCS technology will need to be developed.

  • With carbon capture and storage technology still in the demonstration phase, increasing plant efficiency is currently the only real option for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants. Here, Alstom Power's Scott Darling and Adrian Skea outline the latest developments in supercr...

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  • ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures (CTTV) has announced that its hydrocarbon fuel processor HALIAS™ has been selected by Hydrogenics Corporation, through its subsidiary Greenlight Power Technologies in Canada, for use in Greenlight’s fuel cell testing station as part of the Fuel Cells Ca...

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  • Energy research is a strategic priority for the University of Leeds. Here, Professors William F Gale and Paul T Williams outline the university's energy technology research and its applications, and describe the university's new energy building.

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  • Nuclear Technologies is a leading supplier of scientific and engineering consultancy services mainly to the UK specialising in: Criticality and Shielding Assessment Radioactive Materials Transport, Packaging and Storage AssessmentRadioactive Waste ManagmentEnvironmnetal ManagementNuclear Decomm...

  • The ETI is a £400m industry and government funded research institute into low carbon energy system planning and technology development to address UK energy and climate change targets. 

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