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  • In US, Johnson Matthey are exploring future battery technology, balancing the content of the stabilising nickel with another rare and expensive material such as cobalt, or cheaper manganese and aluminium, in order to provide high energy density with rapid and numerous charging cycles. These cathode ...

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  • This report sets out the UK Government's response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's report on The Resilience of the Electricity System. Topics described include:-the electricity market, including the Capacity Market and Reliability Standard-security of supply-electricity inter...

  • Nuclear Technologies is a leading supplier of scientific and engineering consultancy services mainly to the UK specialising in: Criticality and Shielding Assessment Radioactive Materials Transport, Packaging and Storage AssessmentRadioactive Waste ManagmentEnvironmnetal ManagementNuclear Decomm...

  • UK carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology took a major step forward as Energy Secretary Chris Huhne launched a flagship test programme in Yorkshire at the end of November. The project - worth more than £20mn - is a partnership between industry partners Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Doosan...

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  • The ETI is a £400m industry and government funded research institute into low carbon energy system planning and technology development to address UK energy and climate change targets. 

  • What is said to be the world’s first grid-scale pumped heat energy storage (PHES) system has been commissioned by the technical team at the Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research at Newcastle University. Based in Fareham, Hampshire, the facility includes grid-coupled PHES technology rated a...

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  • Jeremy Sachs, the economist, has given a speech stating that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology and nuclear energy will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. China will rely on coal for many years to come, meaning that CCS technology will need to be developed.

  • CREST is a leading international group working in the field of renewable energy. CREST undertakes research and education in renewable energy technology furthering sustainable energy options for present and future generations.<p>Our expertise includes wind power, photovoltaics, concentrated sol...

  • A planned demonstration carbon capture plant at the European CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) in Norway will be the first of its kind to treat flue gas from a gas-fired power plant. The plant will be engineered and constructed following a contract between Alstom and StatoilHydro, with Alstom sup...

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  • Support for renewable energy technology to fight global warming is weakening in the face of worldwide economic problems and the true scale of the carbon reductions required, a survey of 'climate decision makers'published today by Globescan has suggested. Figures presented at the UN climate talks in ...

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