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  • Nuclear Technologies is a leading supplier of scientific and engineering consultancy services mainly to the UK specialising in: Criticality and Shielding Assessment Radioactive Materials Transport, Packaging and Storage AssessmentRadioactive Waste ManagmentEnvironmnetal ManagementNuclear Decomm...

  • Power System Energy Storage Technologies provides a comprehensive analysis of the various technologies used to store electrical energy on both a small and large scale. Although expensive to implement, energy storage plants can offer significant benefits for the generation, distribution and use of el...

  • CREST is a leading international group working in the field of renewable energy. CREST undertakes research and education in renewable energy technology furthering sustainable energy options for present and future generations.<p>Our expertise includes wind power, photovoltaics, concentrated sol...

  • In US, Johnson Matthey are exploring future battery technology, balancing the content of the stabilising nickel with another rare and expensive material such as cobalt, or cheaper manganese and aluminium, in order to provide high energy density with rapid and numerous charging cycles. These cathode ...

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  • There is a vast interest in renewable energy but the role various technologies will play in the transition to a low-carbon future are in the main uncertain. This book sets out the facts: how the technologies work, where and to what extent they are currently employed and where the greatest potential ...

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  • The Energy CDT Network connects the 13 Energy Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) that specialise in postgraduate research and training in energy across 16 UK Universities. There is a large and varied research portfolio within the Network; covering all areas of energy technology from wind power to n...

  • This report sets out the UK Government's response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee's report on The Resilience of the Electricity System. Topics described include:-the electricity market, including the Capacity Market and Reliability Standard-security of supply-electricity inter...

  • The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced his first post-Brexit budget on 11 March, which included a number of measures relating to the energy sector and the environment, aimed at helping the government achieve its mission to deliver clean energy and lead on the path to net zero emiss...

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  • Solar developer GRIDSERVE has handed over what it calls the UK’s most advanced – and subsidy-free – solar farm, located outside York, to Warrington Borough Council. The 35 MWp solar farm is pioneering a new commercial model using 30 MWh of battery storage and sophisticated technologies to maximise r...

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  • The ETI is a £400m industry and government funded research institute into low carbon energy system planning and technology development to address UK energy and climate change targets. 

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