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  • Boiler plant - Overhaul & maintenance / Thermal & Process design / Specialist welding and fabrication facility / Engineering & design specialists / Metallurgical Laboratory Services  / Welder training and testing / Condenser & heat exchanger refurbishment.

  • Solar heat is totally renewable, pollution free and requires little or no technology. It is here today and could provide up to 50% of domestic space and water heating requirements. This book explains the principles of using solar energy for domestic heating. One or several aspects of solar energy ca...

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  • Heat decarbonisation is one of the biggest challenges ahead of the UK as it strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The country urgently needs a trained workforce to install low carbon technologies. Jennifer Johnson asks whether offshore wind offers a blueprint for scaling things up.

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  • Bryson Energy delivers high quality energy services across Northern Ireland. Its aim is to 'energy proof' homes, and meet Government targets on energy efficiency, fuel poverty, CO2 reduction, renewable heat and renewable electricity:* Manage a free and independent advice line in NI - 0800 1422 ...

  • The effect of various heat stable salts on the corrosivity of methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) solutions is described. Corrosion coupons of carbon steel and stainless steel are exposed at 180 and 250 C. The experimental procedure is described and illustrated and an equation is given for calculating the c...

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  • Guidelines are given to assist the selection of materials suitable for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Economic and manufacturing factors and fabrication are also reviewed. The relative merits of welded and seamless tubing are compared and advice is given on shell and channels, tubesheets, baffles a...

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  • Guidelines are given for troubleshooting and performance evaluations of air-cooled heat exchangers with horizontal, A-frame, or vertical configurations. Tube bundles commonly consist of four to six rows of carbon steel or stainless steel tubes. Aluminium fins are invariably used because of favourabl...

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  • Moving to low-carbon heat sources is crucial in the battle against climate change with nearly half of the UK’s emissions coming from heating. As a result, the UK government, in mid-December, made available under its Bio-energy Capital Grants scheme some £12mn for industry, businesses and community o...

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    • Accreditation period: 2011-2016

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