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  • This book, unlike others, examines the geology related to geothermal applications. Geology dictates (a) how geothermal resources can be found, (b) the nature of the geothermal resource (such as liquid- or vapor-dominated) and (c) how the resource might be developed ultimately (such as flash or binar...

  • Government plans to develop renewable energy and indigenous fossil fuels will involve further development of the Philippines' large geothermal resources to expand electricity supplies and use for various heating purposes. Currently the world's second largest producer of thermal energy after the US, ...

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  • The New Zealand Geothermal Association (NZGA) is a scientific, educational and cultural organisation based in New Zealand to encourage research, development and application of geothermal resources.It is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The NZGA is affiliated to the Interna...

  • Consideration is given to two geothermal systems of India, taken up by the Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. for exploration and development in collaboration with GSI. The first system is the Tapovan geothermal resource in the Himalayas (tectonics) and the other is Tattapani geothermal resource in Madh...

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  • Deep geothermal projects win support, Cornwall scheme at the Eden Project Deep geothermal projects win support, Cornwall scheme at the Eden Project

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  • Geothermal energy could play a significant role in ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, but production today is only at 7% of the estimated global potential. Geothermal energy exists in almost 90 countries, but only 24 of them produce electricity from geoth...

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  • 25 MW geothermal plant planned for Mexico A 25 MW geothermal plant is will be built in Mexico’s eastern Puebla state. The Los Humeros II Phase B plant will materialise following a €30mn contract between Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) and Alstom, and will foll...

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  • An empirical equation is reported which predicts geothermal temperature profiles from downhole and surface circulating temperatures. These gradients are useful for cement slurry and mud design for improving electrical and temperate log interpretation. Downhole circulating temperature logs and surfac...

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  • Little-known about in the UK, deep geothermal energy is a mainstream technology in some parts of the world. Here, Ryan Law explains how new techniques are taking geothermal schemes to greater depths than previously, and describes the project that his company, Geothermal Engineering, is developing fo...

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  • This book covers all aspects of the utilization of geothermal energy for power generation using fundamental scientific and engineering principles. Its practical emphasis is enhanced by the use of case studies from real plants to increase the reader's understanding of geothermal energy conversion and...

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