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  • ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in the renewables sector. The company specialises in many renewables areas, including solar photovolatics, thermal solar and concentrating solar power. 

  • EREC - the European Renewable Energy Council - is an umbrella organisation of the leading European renewable energy industry and research associations active in the sectors of photovoltaic, wind, small hydropower, biomass and solar thermal.

  • Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants produce electricity by converting the sun's energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. Since the first plants came online in the Mojave Desert in California, development of CSP, also known as solar thermal power, has been slow. Yet w...

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  • ISES, a non-profit UN-accredited membership NGO founded in 1954, works to achieve 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely, by providing the global renewable energy community with a collective, scientifically credible voice and up-to-date information gathered and synthesized by its...

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  • In US, the Light Eagle human-powered aircraft has now been fitted with thin-film amorphous-silicon solar cells, a 12 ft diameter propeller, an electric motor, and batteries for night flying. The 114 ft span Sunlight Eagle represents a step towards an ultra-long-endurance surveillance platform.

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  • In US, the solar cells for Helios were produced by SunPower in California with a conversion efficiency of some 30% greater than that of conventional silicon cells by using back contacts to permit more light absorption. SunPower has now developed a production process that reduces the costs significan...

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  • In Scandinavia, the Dutch Nuon Solar winner of the 2003 Solar Challenge, Nuna 2, is being tested against the northern European weather. The car is energised by 9 square metres of a three-layer triple junction gallium arsenide solar cell array, permitting conversion of nearly a quarter of the sun¹s r...

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