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  • This is a comprehensive text dealing with the theory and practice of the supply of energy, energy management and auditing and the design of sustainable energy facilities. It considers the systems needed to create low-energy, sustainable buildings, including passive solar design, energy-efficient hea...

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  • The KaXu Solar One concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Pofadder, South Africa. The plant has become the first CSP plant in Sub-Saharan Africa to enter operation. The 100 MW plant was given the go-ahead during the first round of South Africas Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programm...

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  • ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in the renewables sector. The company specialises in many renewables areas, including solar photovolatics, thermal solar and concentrating solar power. 

  • Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants produce electricity by converting the sun's energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. Since the first plants came online in the Mojave Desert in California, development of CSP, also known as solar thermal power, has been slow. Yet w...

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  • According to research led by environmental measurement company Vaisala, energy from grid-connected, utility-scale solar plants in 2015 surpassed that generated from wind for the first time in California.Public records from CAISO (California Independent System Operator) suggest that over the past fiv...

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  • BSEC delegates will include representatives of: solar project developers, solar power equipment manufacturers, government (federal and state), financial institutions (banks and investment firms), electrical utilities, intensive energy users and solar energy consultancies. BSEC 2015 affords exte...

  • In recent years, the UK has added thousands of renewable power schemes to its ageing  and dwindling  fleet of coal, nuclear and gas plants. Yet these older sources still supply most of the UKs electricity. Carbon Brief has plotted the nations power stations in an interactive map to sho...

  • The first concentrating solar power plant to use molten salt has begin generating in Sicily. 'Archimede' is a 5MW plant which, unlike existing csp plants, uses molten salt not just to store heat but to collect it directly from the sun. Using molten salts rather than oils carries a number of advantag...

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