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  • Senergy offers an integrated resource for the evolving Energy sector. With a strong heritage in Oil & Gas, we have the flexibility to meet every need from reservoir evaluation through to full field development and drilling, and have deployed these core capabilities into the emerging renewables s...

  • The application is described of prismatic finite elements for 3-D full-field simulations. The grid is generated with automatic techniques that are popular in structural engineering and which result in numerical diffusion that is as isotropic as possible, hence, grid-orientation effects are controlle...

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  • Reservoir management is concerned with the geoscience and reservoir/production engineering required to plan and optimize the development of discovered or producing oil and gas assets. One of the only books to cover both management and engineering issues, 'Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineerin...

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  • PGS Reservoir is a leading worldwide provider of sub-surface technical and commercial expertise. We offer services designed to reduce our clients' exploration risk, from regional basin/play studies and prospectivity reviews to rock physics analysis and litho-fluid predictions.

  • Award winning Petroleum Fluids consultancy with extensive industry experience in cross-disciplinary and unusual project projects spanning PVT, geochemistry, reservoir modelling, oil migration, contaminants, simulation and modelling production systems.Typical projects include well allocation and accu...

  • This book provides a hands-on introduction to the process of reservoir modelling and is accompanied by a CD-ROM that offers a fully-functioning reservoir simulator. Now in its second edition, the publication begins with a 'Reservoir Engineering Primer' that makes information accessible to geologists...

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