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  • CSE is an independent charity (est. 1979) providing knowledge and services to enable people and organisations to tackle climate change and fuel poverty. We undertake practical delivery alongside cutting edge research and policy analysis. Expertise includes community renewables, low carbon planning, ...

  • The UK Energy Research Centre carries out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems.  It is the hub of UK energy research and the gateway between the UK and the international energy research communities.  Our interdisciplinary, whole systems research informs UK policy dev...

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  • Research at OIES examines the economics, the politics and the sociology of energy focusing on oil and natural gas; it spans international relations between producers and consumers; economic development of producing nations and the geo-political aspects of all these alongside the economics and politi...

  • SE2: expanding your organisations capacity to act on climate change through project and event management, facilitation and training, and research and marketing services.  We bring a breath of fresh air to all that we do with creative thinking, innovative ideas and enthusiasm.

  • WRc is an independent and employee-controlled organisation with an expertise in delivering value from innovative solutions. We offer a unique role, providing a focus for innovation through collaboration in the water, waste and environmental sectors and are passionate about using scientific and engin...

  • The Process Systems Engineering Group, working in partnership with industry, commerce and government, provides high quality consultancy, research and development, post-graduate education and  professional development programmes to meet the challenges of the competitive global market. Our partic...

  • The charity which aims to raise awareness of fuel poverty as a national issue of high priority; research the causes of fuel poverty; identify solutions to transform cold, damp houses into warm, dry homes and promote best practice; and secure private and public investment for domestic energy efficien...

  • Stronachs acts for a number of service sector and upstream oil and gas companies and advises them on the whole range of corporate legal services, from merger and acquisition work, diligence and funding to employment matters and commercial property

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