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  • BP yesterday promised a resurgence in North Sea activity, earmarking almost £664m to be spent on a range of projects in untapped reserves. Spending next year is to be increased further in what the petrochemicals group described as an 'exciting' area as oil prices remain close to a nine-year high. Th...

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  • Once government approval is forthcoming operator BP Amoco will invest some $115m in two new projects in the mature UK North Sea includibg developing the South Everest discovery and phase two of the Lomond project.

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  • Shell and its partners are to increase capital spending on oil and gas projects in the British sector of the North Sea by 50% to $1.2bn (£820m) next year, it emerged yesterday. Malcolm Brinded, managing director of Shell Expro, also revealed that plans for the development of six new oil or gas field...

  • An outstanding offshore engineer, Tony Denton, who has died aged 63, had a part in some of the 20th century's most exciting and significant work in his field. He was on board the first drilling platform in the hostile conditions of the North Sea. On the Statfjord-B project, he was responsible for th...

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