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  • As the French fishermen's blockade last week left returning British holidaymakers and frustrated lorry drivers with only cheap booze and hypermarchés for comfort, the strength of France's fuel price revolt was a stark contrast to the damp squib of the UK's 'dump the pump' campaign.

  • Saudi Arabia will raise oil production by 500,000 barrels a day to a record total production of 9.7 million barrels a day. The increase is in response to calls from 30 to 60 consumer countries, but Saudi Arabia have also called on the West to cut fuel taxes to lower the cost of petrol for consumers.

  • Motorists in the UK yesterday began to feel the direct impact of the terrorist attacks on the United States when BP announced it was changing the cost of petrol at its garages. Those turning up to fill up with unleaded might have had a bit of a shock to find prices being cut by one pence a litre rat...

  • Protests against petrol prices intensified yesterday as oil-producing countries promised to pump more crude in an effort to stem runaway world energy costs which have sparked fears of a global recession. After a week of intense diplomatic pressure from US and European policymakers, ministers from th...

  • Experian Catalist maintains a database with information on every forecourt in the UK/Ireland and can provide you with Local Trade Area demographics and competition reports.In the UK we supply daily fuel price information to the oil companies and other retailers including the major dealer groups and ...

  • A raft of legal cases are being prepared by the European Commission against eight European Union Member States to force them to monitor and restrict their production of the key greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2), reports Keith Nuthall. In a bid to make the EU stick to its Kyoto Protocol commitments...

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  • US crude exports could grow from current levels of 2.9mn b/d to nearly 6mn b/d by 2022, according to a new forecast from Rystad Energy.With US production expected to increase by 1.2mn b/d year-over-year (y/y) in 2020, and with domestic refineries already maxing out capacity to absorb shale growth, t...

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  • Opec agreed to raise its oil production ceiling by 700,000 b/d to 27.3mn b/d, up 2.6% on the previous quota, at its latest meeting on 21 June. Individual member countries new output levels are: Algeria - 811, 000 b/d Indonesia - 1,317,000 b/d Iran - 3,727,000 b/d Kuwait - 2,037,000 b/d Libya - 1,361...

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