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  • OPEC productionOPEC decreased oil production several times between 1980 and 1986 to maintain a higher oil price. By 1981 OPEC production had been overtaken by non-OPEC countries. In June 1985 OPEC output fell to a 20-year low with a share of 29% of the world total. This was partially driven by incre...

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  • Represent companies designated operators of UK landward licences.

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  • The Association of British Independent Oil Exploration Companies seeks to promote the role played by British Independent exploration and production (E&P) companies in maintaining a powerful and effective UK based oil and gas industry.

  • LOGIC is an industry funded organisation which works with companies throughout the industry to stimulate collaboration and radically improve competitiveness. (LOGIC = Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness). Successor to CRINE

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  • Eni has started production at its offshore Agogo oil field, located in block 15/06 offshore Angola just nine months after the fields discovery.Some 20,000 b/d of production is targeted over the next few weeks. According to preliminary estimates, the field holds over 650mn barrels of oil in place, w...

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