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  • This is a comprehensive text dealing with the theory and practice of the supply of energy, energy management and auditing and the design of sustainable energy facilities. It considers the systems needed to create low-energy, sustainable buildings, including passive solar design, energy-efficient hea...

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  • Energy World readers were introduced to the tidal energy prospects for the Pentland Firth, which separates mainland Scotland from Orkney, in the June 2008 issue. Gareth Davies discusses energy initiatives and projects carried out by local communities from these northern islands. As well as large meg...

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  • Power NI supplies electricity to around 600,000 homes and businesses in Northern Ireland and aims to provide customers with great value for money and high standards of customer service.  Power NI is keen to encourage its customers to become more energy efficient and to consider alternative sour...

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  • The UK market for ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) is growing at a rate that led to the formation of the GSHP Association in June.

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  • Its principal aims are to:- promote the concept of using Ground Source Heat Pumps as an environmentally preferable means of heating and cooling buildings and to act as an impartial source of information about the ways in which this may be done- assist in developing standards for, and provide support...

  • Nextgen incorporating ebec, is the UK's largest and most established event for bioenergy and renewable energy generation. In 2012 it attracted over 3,200 farmers, landowners, specifiers, consultants, local authority representatives, energy managers, architects and project managers. Its where people...

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