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  • SCARF, a Scottish charity (SCO 006901), was established in 1985 to promote sustainable use of energy, eradicate fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable training and employment opportunities.   SCARF provides free impartial advice and works in partnership to achieve its obje...

  • The charity which aims to raise awareness of fuel poverty as a national issue of high priority; research the causes of fuel poverty; identify solutions to transform cold, damp houses into warm, dry homes and promote best practice; and secure private and public investment for domestic energy efficien...

  • CSE is an independent charity (est. 1979) providing knowledge and services to enable people and organisations to tackle climate change and fuel poverty. We undertake practical delivery alongside cutting edge research and policy analysis. Expertise includes community renewables, low carbon planning, ...

  • Islington council's Energy Advice Team helps residents and small businesses become more environmentally friendly. Advice subjects include fuel poverty & debt, energy efficiency, micro-generation and transport.Energy, green living and fuel poverty free phone advice lines are also provided.Service...

  • 'Wind power could put another half million people into fuel poverty', was how BBC Radio 4 promoted last week's The Investigation into the future of wind power in the UK. However, the allegations that a dash for wind would cause a big increase in fuel poverty crumble when you do the numbers.

  • India's prime minister Manmohan Singh has announced that 470,000MW of energy could come from Indian nuclear power stations by 2050 more than 100 times the current output from India's current 17 reactors.

  • Energy poverty, although concentrated in developing countries, challenges governments around the world, says an official of the International Energy Agency.

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  • The Fuel Poverty Advisory Groups annual report for 2013-14, which was published in February 2015.

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  • Eaga Partnership is an employee-owned social enterprise, founded in 1990 for a social purpose - to deliver the first Home Energy Efficiency Scheme (HEES), the predecessor to the current Defra-funded Warm Front programme. The organisation now does much more, all from a core base of addressing fuel po...

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