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  • BP is our main global brand. It is the name that appears on production platforms, refineries, ships and corporate offices as well as on solar products, wind farms, research facilities and at retail service stations.

  • The Maxol Group is entirely Irish-owned, by the McMullan Family. It was founded in Belfast 90 years ago by the present Director's Grandfather and his brother.It is the market leader in Northern Ireland and is also a major player in the Republic. It is best known for its large network of high quality...

  • Experian Catalist maintains a database with information on every forecourt in the UK/Ireland and can provide you with Local Trade Area demographics and competition reports.In the UK we supply daily fuel price information to the oil companies and other retailers including the major dealer groups and ...

  • The APEA is a UK based organisation, drawing membership from all quarters of the petroleum industry, including Regulators from National and Local Government Authorities, Oil Companies, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Service and Installation Organisations, Training Establishments and many oth...

  • We carry out numerous services to the Petro-Chemical Industry/Local Government and M.O.D all Nationwide from our base in Haydock.We are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001We hold a Waste Recycling Permit EP3835PUOur services include:Storage Tank CleaningLiquid Waste Disposal/RecyclingTank and Pipelin...

  • In China, ten hydrogen refuelling stations are planned along four express highways in the Yangtze River delta, plus 500 more such sites by end 2030, and over 200 000 fuel-cell vehicles. 

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