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  • The emphasis of this issue is on fossil fuels. Two feature articles starting on page 12 discuss a new approach to 'clean coal' to include underground gasification and the use of fuel cells for power generation; and the prospects for the production of shale gas in Europe. We then return to renewables...

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  • Eni and SABIC are to jointly develop an innovative technology for natural gas conversion into synthesis gas that can be further transformed into high-value fuels and chemicals, such as methanol. The partnership will involve, among other activities, the construction of an industrial demonstration pla...

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  • A website which runs simulations of hourly power output from wind and solar PV power plants for any chosen location worldwide.

  • This book examines the key aspects that will define future sustainable energy systems: energy supply, energy storage, security and limited environmental impacts. 

  • The 2017 Melchett Award will be presented to Dr Fatih Birol HonFEI, Executive Director, International Energy Agency. At this event, Dr Birol HonFEI will receive the award and deliver his Melchett Lecture entitled:How markets, technology and policy will shape the global energy landscapeThe event will...

  • A new £9.2 million Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) to help strengthen the global competitiveness of British industry. Over the next four years the IEEA will aim to lower costs and increase the number of available energy efficient technologies for a range of industrial sectors, t...

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  • The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) is supporting three new research projects centred on how digitalisation can improve efficiency and provide cost savings to the oil and gas industry.Digitalisation is key to a sustainable oil and gas industry. Successful automation and integration of a huge...

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  • A publication which examines the future of energy through the prism of some of the technologies and business models that are driving it forward.There are those at the heart of energy innovation who would prefer it if politicians got out of the way and let the market decide what to do. In t...

  • A London hospital has undergone a major overhaul of its energy facilities, which will cut its yearly carbon dioxide emissions by 20% (6,000 tonnes) the equivalent to taking 3,000 cars off the road.The new energy centre, launched at St Georges Hospital in Tooting, south-west London, features two c...

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  • ExxonMobil has unveiled plans to invest up to $100mn over 10 years to research and develop advanced lower-emissions technologies with the US Department of Energys National Renewable Energy Laboratory and National Energy Technology Laboratory. The agreement among the largest between the department...

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