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  • In Canada, Carbon Engineering has derived a scheme of direct air capture (DAC) in which CO2 is extracted from the atmosphere, dissolved in an alkali solution to form carbonate, then heated as a solid salt to 900°C and converted to pure CO2 and hence into a fuel.. However, this is energy intensive, a...

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  • The Association exists to represent the interests of its members in promoting the business of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), raising awareness of the benefits of CCS and to assist policy developments in the UK, EU and internationally towards a long term regulatory framework for CCS, as a means of...

  • Britain could be in line for a new North Sea bonanza following research which reveals its suitability to store billions of tons of waste carbon dioxide. Rock formations beneath the sea bed have enough room to store up to 300 years worth of emissions from northern Europes power stations.

  • Award winning Petroleum Fluids consultancy with extensive industry experience in cross-disciplinary and unusual project projects spanning PVT, geochemistry, reservoir modelling, oil migration, contaminants, simulation and modelling production systems.Typical projects include well allocation and accu...

  • Australias climate change record has been ranked among the bottom five nations in the world in a global assessment of countries emissions trajectories.   

  • In UK, the Energy Technologies Institute reports that HGVs account for about 4% of total carbon emissions, and that this could be reduced towards zero by the adoption of plug-in hybrid vehicles using gaseous hydrogen. 

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  • Ofgem has published a new nine-point action plan to decarbonise the UKs energy system in order to deliver the net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target by 2050.Central to the plan is building an energy sector that supports the growth of renewable energy sources by setting up a special fund for...

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  • The UK government has launched a new funding initiative under which local authorities can apply for up to £50mn to help pay for a brand-new fleet of electric buses, reducing emissions, and improving air quality.The Department for Transport claims that a town with 200 electric buses could save around...

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  • Chevron has unveiled new goals to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity from its upstream oil and natural gas operations. Emission intensity is the emission rate of GHG per unit of energy produced. The company intends to lower upstream oil net GHG emission intensity by 510% and upstrea...

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  • Les Richards Director, Eco-Rich Ltd is a Registered Carbon Trust/Carbon Standard Assessor.We can help you to:  - Produce your Carbon Footprint  - minimize utility costs,   - be perceived as a green company, and  - contribute to improving the countrys environmental recordEco Ri...

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