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  • This issue of Energy World concentrates on energy use in buildings, and particularly how demand management and smart electricity metering can cut consumption costs. We also take a look at converting a Victorian house to meet new, low energy standards. The other main theme is energy use in transport ...

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  • The second volume of these lectures goes on to consider the heat in the Earth's interior. It looks at the sources and generation of this heat, its commercial value, sites of these heat sources and the building of suitable power plants of adequate capacity incorporating suitable environmental safety ...

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  • The government has launched a consultation on stronger building regulations that will pave the way for a new Future Homes Standard for new-build homes that will in turn bring an environmental revolution to home building. The proposals were unveiled by the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, in Octo...

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  • There is a vast interest in renewable energy but the role various technologies will play in the transition to a low-carbon future are in the main uncertain. This book sets out the facts: how the technologies work, where and to what extent they are currently employed and where the greatest potential ...

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  • Government plans for zero-energy homes by 2016 are hugely ambitious, as are the plans for building three million new homes of any description by 2020. Kate Henderson of the Town & Country Planning Association looks at the crucial role of planning in the creation of communities that are robust in the...

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  • Breathe Energy has completed work to deliver energy savings through an energy performance contract (EPC) agreed with Bolton NHS Foundation Trust estate back in 2015. The completed project has seen a £6.3mn investment at the Royal Bolton Hospital with an EPC that will yield guaranteed savings of over...

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