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  • A nacelle from GE Renewable Energys Haliade-X 12 MW offshore wind turbine said to be the worlds most powerful has arrived at the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapults testing facility in Blyth, Northumberland, ahead of a testing programme designed to prepare it for years of operation at s...

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  • Wind farms were paid up to £3 million per day to switch off their turbines and not produce electricity last week. In December an analysis by the Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity that monitors energy use, revealed that the operators of 86 wind farms in Britain were handed more than £136 mi...

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  • Dogger Bank Wind Farms, the developer of what will become the worlds largest offshore wind farm when built, has unveiled GE Renewable Energy as its preferred turbine supplier. GE will supply Dogger Bank with its Haliade-X turbine, with a generating capacity of 12 MW or more the final number of tu...

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  • This dashboard by IRENA provides an overview of the key REmap analysis figures by country. It is based on the REmap: Roadmap for a renewable energy future, 2016 report. It provides information related to Total Final Energy Consumption, energy sector demand, power capacity and electricity generatio...

  • Building Automation Solutions can provide answers to cost and environmental problems utilising a team of skilled Energy Consultants our support levels include:Building Controls Energy Optimisation,Energy Survey & Audit,HVAC Energy Performance Analysis & Benchmarking,Full Energy Remote Monito...

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  • The Renewable Energy Centre is the UK's market leading website providing:- a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to renewable technologies- advice on the technology and installation- a directory of contractors and suppliers- links to not-for-profit organisations- courses and educational in...

  • CREST is a leading international group working in the field of renewable energy. CREST undertakes research and education in renewable energy technology furthering sustainable energy options for present and future generations.<p>Our expertise includes wind power, photovoltaics, concentrated sol...

  • World Renewable Energy Congress & WREN are major global non-profit organizations registered in the United Kingdom. WREN has a board of Trustee and a Director General Prof Ali Sayigh. Also it has a Council representing more than 75 countries. WREC/WREN supports and enhances the utilisation and im...

  • The summer of 2019 saw the disconnection of more than a million electricity customers in the biggest single electricity system disturbance in Britain in many years, comparable with those in 2008 and 2003.Three different government or regulator investigations into the incident were initiated and all ...

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