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  • Mitsubishi has acquired a 22.9 per cent stake in the Berau block of Indonesia's Tangguh liquefied natural gas project, the largest gas fields in Asia, for $480m.

  • Japanese government and Arabian Oil Co (AOC) have proposed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that they will invest Yen 100bn gas-to-dimethyl ether plant in return for an extension of the Japanese oil company's concession in the Neutral Zone which expires in February. Participants in the project would inclu...

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  • Nisseki Mitsubishi and its exploration unit will invest Y12.5bn ($112m) in purchasing all the shares issued in a capital increase by Teikoku next month. The move will make the group Teikoku's leading shareholder with 16.47 per cent of equity. Nisseki will pay Y313 for each share, equivalent to a 5.5...

  • The prospects for hydrogen as a major player in energy systems ebb and flow, but interest is again high at the moment. Here, Mitsubishi's Professor Emmanouil Kakaras looks to a future in which the lightest of gases takes a role in transport, heating, industry and even power generation.

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