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  • Briar Associates are a partnership providing the broad range of consulting and implementation services for carbon and energy reduction programmes throughout industry, commercial buildings, retail and the public sector.  Our work covers all aspects from energy procurement, energy management and ...

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  • Specialists in Competitive Design and Manufacturing.  Founded1982. Design for Economic Manufacture, ManufacturingProcess Improvement based on Six-Sigma Methods, LeanTransformation. Supporting Manufacturing Industry toDramatically Improve Performance.

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  • Solomon Associates specialises in the conduct of Comparative Performance Analyses, attract the interest of a large proportion of the world's oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and power generation facilities.These analyses readily form basis for performance improvement which Solomon Associates ca...

  • Micronics Ltd are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of Ultrasonic 'Clamp on' non-invasive - Energy & Liquid Flow, Level and Open Channel Meters.  Meters and Portable Instruments suitable for clean and contaminated liquids in closed pipe and open channel applications thr...

  • Martin Fry is a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at City University, London, where he leads the Masters Degree in Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics.  He also chairs the BSI energy management standards committee and  leads the UK input to development of some o...

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  • - Work exclusively in executive search for the international energy industry at Chairman, NED, CEO & Executive Management level; - Offices in London & Houston; - Worked with the executive and senior management of numerous companies in more than 60 countries; - Staffed by professionals who ha...

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