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  • EREC - the European Renewable Energy Council - is an umbrella organisation of the leading European renewable energy industry and research associations active in the sectors of photovoltaic, wind, small hydropower, biomass and solar thermal.

  • The Renewable Energy Centre is the UK's market leading website providing:- a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to renewable technologies- advice on the technology and installation- a directory of contractors and suppliers- links to not-for-profit organisations- courses and educational in...

  • SEGEC take a strategic approach to identifying European opportunities in order to help Scottish organisations access funding, develop projects and overcome the barriers to wider adoption of low-carbon energy. We provide a focal point and catalyst for Scotlands low-carbon activity, identifying exper...

  • The ocean remains a largely untapped renewable energy resource. While a number of tidal and wave projects have been commissioned, a commercial scale project remains to be successfully deployed. Alongside these technologies, tidal lagoon projects are emerging as a contender, with huge potential acros...

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  • The Crown Estate has indicated that it will be investing £20m in the wave and tidal power industry, though the funding is only likely to be enough for two wave or tidal projects. The body is inviting companies to bid for the cash, with a deadline of 15 February 2013 for applications. A final decisio...

  • The SeaGen tidal energy system, developed and deployed by Marine Current Turbines, has become the first marine renewable energy project to be accredited by the UK energy regulator Ofgem for Renewable Energy Certificates (ROCs) and so will receive payment for the power it is generating. The first Sea...

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