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  • As the French fishermen's blockade last week left returning British holidaymakers and frustrated lorry drivers with only cheap booze and hypermarchés for comfort, the strength of France's fuel price revolt was a stark contrast to the damp squib of the UK's 'dump the pump' campaign.

  • Protests against petrol prices intensified yesterday as oil-producing countries promised to pump more crude in an effort to stem runaway world energy costs which have sparked fears of a global recession. After a week of intense diplomatic pressure from US and European policymakers, ministers from th...

  • A planned strike at the Grangemouth oil refinery has prompted a rapid rise in petrol prices as consumer groups accuse retailers of playing on fears about shortages to increase their profits.

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  • Tesco, Asda and Safeways followed Sainsbury's lead in dropping pump prices - now an average of 79.9p for a litre of unleaded petrol and 83.9p a litre for diesel. They deny it is a Christmas offensive and say it is because crude oil prices have dropped to $28 a barrel from $37 a barrel in September. ...

  • Pump manufacturer's are having to modify pumps to show petrol prices of 4 digits (including one decimal point) as the petrol price threatens to rise to over £1 per gallown

  • Fuel protestors said that taxes would have to be cut, not just forozen, to satisfy them.

  • Opec has upgraded its forecast for world oil demand to increase by 1.14m bpd  in 2014, up 50,000 bpd. In total, Opec expects the world will require 91.1m bpd of oil this year. , raising the prospect of higher petrol prices.A tighter global oil market will add to pressure on the Chancellor not t...

  • Consumer price inflation has risen at the fastest rate in six months, in line with rising fuel costs. Petrol prices rose by 2.8 per cent last month, compared with an 8.3 per cent fall in November last year.

  • Refineries are being picketed. 1000 petrol stations are running out of petrol due mainly to panic buying. One garage was selling Unleaded at £11 per gallon. Ambulance services are running out. Jobs are being threatened. Oil companies are not challenging the pickets, by forcing supplies out of the re...

  • September Brent prices rose by $1.32 to $32.80, its highest since 1990, due to tough talking by Venezuela and shortage of petrol stocks in the USA

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