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  • The MP told the oil companies to get fuel delivered and invoked the Emergency Powers granted this week to order them to deliver to designated stations. The oil companies say that fuel deliveries are stopped due to intimidation of tanker drivers.

  • Petrol stations around France ran dry yesterday as a countrywide blockade of refineries and fuel depots by road hauliers choked off supplies. In many regions, the authorities imposed a £15 limit per vehicle, or ordered attendants to serve only doctors, firefighters and the emergency services

  • Refineries are being picketed. 1000 petrol stations are running out of petrol due mainly to panic buying. One garage was selling Unleaded at £11 per gallon. Ambulance services are running out. Jobs are being threatened. Oil companies are not challenging the pickets, by forcing supplies out of the re...

  • Tankers have left Purfleet after the PM said it was the oil companies duty to supply fuel. Some Labour MPs think the oil companies have deliberately not breached the pickets in order to put pressure on the government to reduce taxes.

  • Shell yesterday hit back at the supermarkets in the growing petrol price war, cutting pump prices by 1p a litre, with rivals expected to follow suit. But that did little to assuage anger among motorist groups which dismissed the cuts as too little, too late. They accused forecourt retailers of 'ripp...

  • There is evidence of a fall in business across the 12,000 BP franchised petrol stations in the US following the Deepwater oil spill. Petrol station staff are also receiving verbal abuse from members of the public.

  • A Deloitte study, commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has found that significant changes to the retail market for road fuels, including declining forecourt numbers and the increasing dominance of supermarket forecourts, have not had an impact on the availability of petrol an...

  • Fuel panic and petrol pump queues returned to Britain yesterday after rumours of new refinery blockades and strikes by tanker drivers. The rumours are thought to have originated at a Cardiff radio station. They may have been helped on their way by reports of rising world petrol prices and a defiant ...

  • Relief was in sight yesterday for Britain's hard pressed drivers as supermarkets and oil companies began cutting petrol prices in response to tumbling world oil costs. Safeway announced yesterday that it was cutting 3p off the price of a litre of petrol, taking it to 77.9p - 7p lower than the peak t...

  • Tesco, Asda and Safeways followed Sainsbury's lead in dropping pump prices - now an average of 79.9p for a litre of unleaded petrol and 83.9p a litre for diesel. They deny it is a Christmas offensive and say it is because crude oil prices have dropped to $28 a barrel from $37 a barrel in September. ...

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