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  • The relaxation of export controls, a major part of an ongoing strategy review of the Egyptian oil and gas industry, has cleared the way for the export of gas.

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  • BP yesterday took action to sooth fears of a looming shortfall in UK gas supplies by clinching a £1.4bn import deal with Norway

  • Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, has been fined $2m by the United Nations Security Council for buying Iraqi oil which was illegally shipped aboard a Russian tanker.

  • Luis Téllez, the Mexican energy minister, announced on Wednesday his country would increase oil exports by 150,000 barrels a day as part of an agreement reached earlier this week with members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries meeting in Vienna. Mexico is not a member of the oil ca...

  • Iraq yesterday announced that it was stopping oil exports from tomorrow. The move prompted speculation that the loss of Iraq's exports of two million barrels a day from the world oil market could cause shortages that would raise the prospect of a £4 gallon at British forecourts.

  • Turkmenistan officials said on Thursday that they were going to try to sign a deal 'as soon as possible' to increase gas exports this year to Iran. Rejepbai Arazov, Turkmen oil and gas minister, said Turkmenistan hoped to raise gas deliveries to the Iran from around 3bn cubic metres to 13bcm.

  • Energy minister Peter Hain is threatening oil and gas giants with investigation by the Office of Fair Trading into anti-competitive activities in the North Sea. Hain is concerned about the doubling of gas prices in 18 months, which have seen spot rates rise from around 12p a therm to around 24p now,...

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