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  • The Global Coal Plant Tracker provides information on all existing coal plants of 30 MW or larger, as well as every plant proposed  since January 1, 2010. The tracker uses a two-level system for organizing information. Summary information including location, status, sponsor, size, and carb...

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  • The author examines the facts of supply and demand to underscore the vast quantities of power we need and how little of that can come from 'renewable' sources. He shows the US has vast resources if only it dares muster the political will needed to tap them. The U.S. economy is based on fossil fuels ...

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  • Fossil fuels will still be generating most global electricity at the end of this century with new technology pumping carbon emissions underground while the cost of a clean coal power stations was likely to be the same as nuclear or renewable energy but more publicly acceptable. Britain has launched ...

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  • Coal fuels more than 30 per cent of UK electricity production, and about 50 per cent in the US, providing a significant portion of total energy output. China and India's recent ferocious economic growth has been based almost entirely on coal-generated electricity. Coal currently looks like a solutio...

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  • EU countries should close all of their coal plants by around 2030 if they want to stick to the Paris Agreement on climate change this is the conclusion of a new report by research non-profit Climate Analytics. The cheapest way to meet Paris targets is to replace EU coal power with renewables and e...

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  • American scientist Craig Venter has discovered the discovery of ancient bacteria that can use their unique enzymes to turn coal into methane. This could open up the possibility of a new form of coal mining, where coal is infected with the bacteria, allowing methane to be harvested without digging ou...

  • Four years ago, campaigners in the US raised concerns over plans to build 150 coal-fired power stations nationwide. Today, nearly half those plans have been defeated in the courts or abandoned, while half of the remaining proposals are being actively opposed. Just 14 of the 150 plants are being deve...

  • China's main source of power is so destructive that its social and environmental impact costs £160bn annually, warns a new report from green campaigners. The True Cost of Coal, published by Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and The Energy Foundation, says by-products ranging from water pollution t...

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